Top three resources girls MUST be aware of!

From website to books these have been so influential in my career..hopefully you will get the chance to look at these resources. The knowledge between them is seriously life changing (within the makeup/beauty world 😉 )


I was told about her website a few years ago by Di Dusting (yet another wonderful make-up artist). Lisa has built the most amazing library of “how to” videos. Not only are they amazing but she goes to the trouble of listing every product underneath the video (some are not available in Australian stores but if you really want something check if has it, you may get lucky!). She is so beautiful and generous with her time and information. You will learn so much from her videos!

Book: Makeup, The Ultimate Guide – By Rae Morris

As I said I my previous post about Rae’s make-up brushes she is one of Australia’s top make-up artists. This book is a practical, honest guide to everything make-up! Not only does she tell you step by step make-ups but she shows you with step by step photos taken by the amazing Stephen Chee. She also shares tips on brushes, products, eye brows and lashes. There are so many cool and fashion forward makeup looks, one flick through this baby and you will be whipping out the eyeshadow within minutes 😉

Book: The Original Beauty Bible – By Paula Begoun

I stumbled across this book one day in a book store and could NOT put it down! The author Paula Begoun a.k.a the cosmetics cop has written a total of 18 books ( that was the last time I checked anyway). Her mission is to break through cosmetic claims and advertising, giving you the straight realistic facts. Such as what you can really do to minimise and prevent wrinkles, control acne, bust beauty myths and lies. I was going to include a picture of the table of contents but it was about five pictures long! she literally covers everything from solutions for blackheads to solutions for cellulite. If I ever have a daughter this will be a gift that I buy her as soon as she can read! 🙂