Pin Up Valentines Day Look..

Hey everyone! It’s Valentine’s Day again already..whether or not you have a date this is a cute pin up look for any kind of special occasion all year round!

I love Marilyn Monroe and she has always inspired my make-up routine, i feel my prettiest and confident when i am wearing this style so i wanted to share how i achieve it! Let me know what you guys think on my youtube channel 🙂

Products Used:

High Definition Foundation By MAKE UP FOR EVER

Skin Perfector By L’oreal

Secret Camouflage By Laura Mercier

Smooth Operator Powder By Tarté

Sun Shimmer Bronzing Powder By Rimmel

Mineral Finish in Soft & Gentle By M.A.C

No Make-up Make-up Palette By Too Faced

1 Naked Palette By Urban Decay

I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara By Essence Cosmetics

Jumbo Eyeliner Pen By Essence Cosmetics

Just Bitten Lipstain By Revlon

Happy Valentines! xoxox

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How to deal with a MASSIVE break out!!

Gahh its one of those weeks! i’ve been stressing, and of course the first place it shows is my face. I was about to get ready for work and thought i should film how i deal with my break outs.

I love the look of clean fresh skin, i do not like layers and layers of make-up..if i could get away with wearing no foundation that would be amazing but this is my way of achieving fresh looking skin MID break out 🙂

Products Used –

– Sebium Global Intensive Purifying Care by Bioderma

– HD foundation by Make Up For Ever

– Secret Camouflage by Laura Mercier

– Smooth Operator powder by Tarte

–  Paint pot (in shade Perky) by M.A.C

– Lip and cheek cremé (in shade petal) by Becca

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Love Katy xxx

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How to get the best from your foundation!

Hey guys!

Now we have gone through this journey of finding your perfect foundation we need to ensure it’s applied in a way that will benefit you most!

There are many different ways of applying foundation the main ones being sponges, brushes and my personal favourite fingers. Fingers warm up the product and this gives a more natural look when it’s being applied, I also hate wasting product and I find that I go through foundation quicker because brushes and sponges absorb more. When it comes to my clients I use brushes because they are more hygienic than fingers. However I use my fingers for things such as concealer (just remember If you are going to use your fingers always have freshly washed hands and use hand sanitiser immediately before touching someone’s face!)

In this video I am going to take you through the most popular foundation tools and give you an easy intro on how to use them, I have written a description down below but there is more detail in the video and it helps to see the techniques 🙂


– Put foundation on back of hand pat your fingers into foundation
– Dab foundation onto the face in areas you most need it (not blending)
– Use your fingers to massage this in almost like a moisturiser
– Feather out at edges, less is more I try and put only minimal to no foundation on places where I don’t need coverage.

Sponge –

If you are using a sponge like the popular Beauty Blender be sure it’s damp, this is the way it was designed to be used and will absorb to much product if it’s not.

– Dampen sponge (not so it’s dripping just so it’s nice and fat 🙂 )
– Put foundation of back of hand
– Dip your sponge in foundation and stipple onto face, stipple is a makeup term that basically means bouncing softly onto the face (definitely see video for this one)

The flat foundation brush-

– Put foundation on back of hand
– Dip in foundation (do not over load the brush)
– Brush onto face starting at the centre of the face
– Feather it out at the hair line to avoid streaks
– Blend in with fingers or pat over with brush (technique in video)

Kabuki Brushes –

If applying mineral powder foundation you want to use a kabuki brush. Kabuki brushes are more dense than normal powder brushes therefore they pick up more product so when applied it’s gives better coverage

Buffing brushes/fibre optic brushes –

If you have been doing these techniques with these tools and are not happy with the result and the makeup is still sitting on your skin you can use brushes like these ones to buff over the foundation once applied.

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Love Katy xxxx

An interview with Kitty Lee (she’s done Justin Biebers makeup!).

Today I am interviewing one of my fellow make-up artists (as well as my bestie) she is incredibly talented hence her list of a grade celebrity clientele such as Justin Bieber, Lorde, Redfoo, Jared Leto, Haim, Ellie Goulding, The Wanted…I could literally go on for paragraph upon paragraph..but let’s find out why she’s so amazing.

KATY: So Kitty why are you so amazing?

KITTY: Seriously?? I’m not.

KATY: Haha I knew you would say something like that (she’s way to modest). So what are the top products you could not work without?

KITTY: I can not live with out my utowa curler, kills me how many women don’t use an eye lash curler. Sometimes all you need to brighten your eye area is a simple curl and you have opened up your whole face. I also can’t live without my Bobbi brown foundations. They are gorgeous and great for all skin tones and all ages, you can get sheer all the way to full coverage. As well as Face of Australia blush!! It is my cheapy naughty secret, it goes on like a dream and they have gorgeous natural colours !!!! Beautiful.

KATY: Oooo amazing! Who were the makeup artists you looked up to?

KITTY: I always have and still do look up to Jody Oliver. Not only is she extremely talented she is also the most gorgeous kind spirit I have ever met. So unaffected by all the hype of the industry. Her makeup technique is so organic and beautiful, there’s nothing she does that I don’t run out and buy.

KATY: Yesss she is amazing and so so cool! What is the best job you have ever done?

KITTY: X FACTOR!! Working with the judges Ronan Keating, Redfoo and host Luke Jacobz has been a blast!! The best job without a doubt. Working with all the contestants, being there from the start watching them grow into artists is amazing. I absolutely love doing boys hair so this was a dream job!

KATY: Same! It’s always the best time of year. Ok this is the last one! What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

KITTY: I always wanted to be a makeup artist since I was a little girl. I remember when I was nine I would get my mums purple eye shadow (it was the 80’s don’t judge) and make bruises all over myself and brother. I started putting makeup on my dad (laughs) no idea why he let me! he would sit there while I painted his face and watch tv. For my 13th birthday my mum bought me a really expensive Special effects kit with blood, latex and a real bruise wheel, I cried and proceeded to make my brother look like he had fallen out of a moving train (he was a walking mess of blood and guts). Then I went to college and fell in love with beauty and hair and that’s it! I’ve been doing this since I was 20 years old full time! It’s my heart and soul.

KATY: Aww that’s so adorable, thank you for sharing that with me and the blogosphere! 🙂