Holiday Lips!

Hey y’all!

I found the perfect product for bright holiday lips! If you (like me) are bad at keeping lipstick neat and tidy Lipstains are perfect for you. I love having bright lips, but when I am working, eating or socialising lipstick staying in place is the LAST thing I want to worry about.

The other day while I was taking my frequent (and quite frankly therapeutic) stroll down the makeup isle of Priceline I found these Lipstains by Savvy..they are only $8.99 and come in amazingly bright colours and they actually stay on for ages then fade away nicely and I love them! That’s pretty much is a picture of me wearing the shade watermelon 🙂 xxx

Happy Holidays!

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How to apply lipstick video featuring KYA a.k.a Christina Parie

Once you have prepped your lips and chosen your favourite colour the next step is application, this video shows you how to apply lip colour for a long lasting, high pigmented lipstick look. I also get a chance to ask KYA all about her new single ‘What I live for’ yay! Enjoy! Xxx

How to choose a lip colour!

Choosing a lip colour can be so overwhelming..with thousands of textures I am purely focusing on the right colours to suit your skin tone.

In this video I will help talk about skin tone and what colours will compliment yours, as well as my top tips on lips colour.

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Enjoy xxxx 🙂

I LOVE lip stains!

For a girl that loves lip colour but also does everything under the sun that ruins a perfect lip stick. Lip stains are the perfect solution. From the soft subtle pinks to the deep burgundy. They are all great and can also double as a cheek stain (must be worked in very quickly before drying).

The advantages of lip stains:

– You can do one coat for a natural colour or many to make the colour more intense.
– Unlike lip stick you can apply a balm over stains for moisture without compromising colour.
– It lasts hours! Even through eating drinking and kissing 😉 obviously it will need the odd touch up but you definitely won’t have it smeared on your face, it will just fade naturally.

Vampire’s Love by Essence Cosmetics

I am obsessed with this lip stain in No.1 at the moment. It’s a deep plum, 90’s grunge colour (best worn with platform sneakers and high pigtails 😉 ) and it tastes like mulberries! So so cute! It was a limited edition but! Can be found if you buy online.

Posietint by Benefit Cosmetics

Posietint is a petal-pink stain that is so cute for both cheeks and lips. Its smudge-proof, and perfect for when you don’t want to worry about wearing to much makeup but just want a pretty touch of colour.

Rouge Pur Couture – Vernis a Levres (Glossy Stain) by Yves Saint Laurent

This lip product is not technically a lip stain it’s a glossy stain (I just had to squeeze it in somewhere because it’s my fav, especially number 17!). So it essentially goes on with the look of a coloured lip gloss, but! it also combines a stain so once the gloss has worn off there is still colour!

I have also complimented a few girls on their lip colour, to have them say that it’s the Revlon lip stains. The red has stood out to me on two separate girls. I have yet to try it but will soon (just thought I’d mention it because it’s easy to come by and looks so pretty).




Guide to bold and bright lipsticks.

From the super cheap to the mildly pricey (yet totally within a small budget) these are my favourite bright lipstick brands in order of price.

– BYS approx $3.95
– Sports girl (Pout About It) approx $9.95
– Chi chi approx $18.95
– Lime crime approx $20.50

These brands are really high in pigment for their cost (the higher the pigment the stronger the colour) these lipsticks come in a range of different textures such as cream, glossy cream and matte. The main difference for me in say BYS and Lime Crime is that the Lime Crime lipsticks actually have a pleasant scent and taste on the lips whereas the BYS don’t, it’s not a big deal because the colours can look very similar but it’s the little things (like the amazing lime crime unicorn sparkly packaging) that count.

I find the matte textured lipsticks to be a bit more fashionable but it can seem a little dry if you are used to using glosses..on that note always make sure you have applied a good lip treatment before using matte lip sticks and remove just before applying. Starting with a creamy lipstick when going bright is a good start and work your way up to a matte.

It’s always good to fill I your whole lip blot with a tissue and re apply..this will make the colour super intense and last longer. If you are going out with these lips then take a little compact mirror, the lipstick and a concealer just so you can touch up around your lips to keep the lines defined.