Kylie Jenner Inspired Winter Look..perfect for pale skin tones too!

Hey y’all!!

I’m obsessed with #kyliejenner at the moment..her transformation has been legendary! there are thousands of tutorials for her look but this is my take on it, she is inspiring me so much at the moment how could i not!

I have adapted it slightly so pale skin tones can wear her look too! there are two lips nude and one winter burgundy..let me know what you guys think of the look/kylie’s transformation is she inspiring to you guys as she is to me?

Chat soon!

Love Kt xxx

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4 Mistakes drying out your lips!!..with easy solutions!!

Hey guys!

SO its winter and your lips are dry, sore and red! but you have been using a ton of lip balm?! what more can you do??!

Here are the 4 mistakes i’ve seen most of my clients make..followed by SUPER easy solutions..Just in time for winter!

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Holiday Lips!

Hey y’all!

I found the perfect product for bright holiday lips! If you (like me) are bad at keeping lipstick neat and tidy Lipstains are perfect for you. I love having bright lips, but when I am working, eating or socialising lipstick staying in place is the LAST thing I want to worry about.

The other day while I was taking my frequent (and quite frankly therapeutic) stroll down the makeup isle of Priceline I found these Lipstains by Savvy..they are only $8.99 and come in amazingly bright colours and they actually stay on for ages then fade away nicely and I love them! That’s pretty much is a picture of me wearing the shade watermelon 🙂 xxx

Happy Holidays!

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5 Product 5 Minute Make-up!

Hey Everyone!

We all have those days when we have no time to get race out the door because you’re late and then every single time you are faced with a mirror/reflection you cringe (unless you don’t in which case good for you!) and wish you had at least chucked on some mascara.

Here is a quick 5 minute make-up with 5 products video to solve this problem. This make-up is good if you don’t have a lot of time or if you are going on a holiday and don’t have much room for make-up you can take these 5 products and you will be set!

Product 1. Foundation – Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Product 2. Highlighting and Eye shadow – Physicians Formula Natural Nudes Palette

Product 3. Brow and Eye definition – Browzings by Benefit Cosmetics

Product 4. Mascara – I Love Extreme Mascara By Essence Cosmetics

Product 5. Cheek and Lips – Velourlips By Australis

Enjoy! lots of love!

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xxx 🙂

How to choose a lip colour!

Choosing a lip colour can be so overwhelming..with thousands of textures I am purely focusing on the right colours to suit your skin tone.

In this video I will help talk about skin tone and what colours will compliment yours, as well as my top tips on lips colour.

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Enjoy xxxx 🙂

Red lips not bleeding. Like these lips are going no where.

There is a number of ways to prevent red lipstick (or any colour) from bleeding this is what I recommend:

– Conceal around lips (doesn’t matter if this goes a bit onto the lip) preferably with a concealer that isn’t to oily such as the Laura Mercier secret camouflage.
– Press translucent powder with a sponge over the concealer.
– Use a waxy clear or skin coloured lip liner and line the outside of lips (I’ve pictured these below).
– Line the lips with a liner similar colour to your lip stick and proceed to fill in the whole lip with the liner.
– Fill in your lip with the lip stick then blot and reapply and voila!

For more info on lipsticks check out my guide to bright and bold lips post 😉




Best Lip Treatment.

Is……Lanolips 101 Ointment!

101 ointment is a must have for any girl, it’s %100 medical grade lanolin. What is lanolin you ask? Lanolin is sheeps fat..I can feel you cringe as you read that but wait! It’s the fat that is produced by the sheep in their wool to keep them water proof and dry. When the sheep are Shawn for summer it is taken out of the wool then purified. This procedure was explained to me when I was lucky enough to do make-up for the founder of lanolips Kirsten Carriol (my written version is a lot less sophisticated than hers) she also explained her relationship with sheep shearers and how her product is cruelty free..tested on her, and not animals..yay!!

It’s amazing and doesn’t have any addictive nasties most lip balms/glosses have (designed so you keep needing to use them and buying more) the reason why it is so effective is that the natural oils found in lanolin mimic the oils we produce in our own skin when it’s healthy and functioning normally, this is not possible to do with chemicals.

It’s perfect for winter time, Long flights, to treat dry cuticles, and boyfriends who you want to have soft lips and live in the blue mountains and are addicted to specific? Oh well it totally worked 😉

Lanolips have just released a 3 in 1 Banana Balm, haven’t tried it yet but I cannot wait to! I will post about it as soon as I do!