Lanolips update! X

Christmas came early for me today! Lanolips sent me these beautiful gifts, when I did a post on their lip treatment I mentioned how I had not tried the Lemonaid lip aid. I finally got my hands on it. It’s sooo nice and totally yum, it’s made with natural lemon oil. It smells amaze! Not only this but it naturally exfoliates the lips 🙂

They also sent me two gorgeous lip ointments with colour and SPF15 (I’m totally loving the mulberry 😉 ) andddddd a 101 ointment multipurpose balm, (this product I have previously blogged about as my fav lip treatment) thank god! I was running low in my kit 🙂


Best Lip Treatment.

Is……Lanolips 101 Ointment!

101 ointment is a must have for any girl, it’s %100 medical grade lanolin. What is lanolin you ask? Lanolin is sheeps fat..I can feel you cringe as you read that but wait! It’s the fat that is produced by the sheep in their wool to keep them water proof and dry. When the sheep are Shawn for summer it is taken out of the wool then purified. This procedure was explained to me when I was lucky enough to do make-up for the founder of lanolips Kirsten Carriol (my written version is a lot less sophisticated than hers) she also explained her relationship with sheep shearers and how her product is cruelty free..tested on her, and not animals..yay!!

It’s amazing and doesn’t have any addictive nasties most lip balms/glosses have (designed so you keep needing to use them and buying more) the reason why it is so effective is that the natural oils found in lanolin mimic the oils we produce in our own skin when it’s healthy and functioning normally, this is not possible to do with chemicals.

It’s perfect for winter time, Long flights, to treat dry cuticles, and boyfriends who you want to have soft lips and live in the blue mountains and are addicted to specific? Oh well it totally worked 😉

Lanolips have just released a 3 in 1 Banana Balm, haven’t tried it yet but I cannot wait to! I will post about it as soon as I do!