Kylie Jenner Inspired Winter Look..perfect for pale skin tones too!

Hey y’all!!

I’m obsessed with #kyliejenner at the moment..her transformation has been legendary! there are thousands of tutorials for her look but this is my take on it, she is inspiring me so much at the moment how could i not!

I have adapted it slightly so pale skin tones can wear her look too! there are two lips nude and one winter burgundy..let me know what you guys think of the look/kylie’s transformation is she inspiring to you guys as she is to me?

Chat soon!

Love Kt xxx

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How to look fresh when you’ve been stressed and sick makeup

Hey Guys,

Lately i have been extremely busy with working as a make-up artist for Xfactor this makes me tired and stressed and then i got the flu!

As a make-up artist you don’t want your clients to see you this way so i thought i would show you how i combat these issues..this is my make-up routine from start to finish at the moment..enjoy!!

love Kt


Tips to be a GREAT assistant! you’ll get a free education in make-up and hair!

Hey guys,

Having assisted in make-up and hair for over three years then go on to have my own assistants, it gave me really good insight into what it takes to be a great assistant (it may be harder than you would expect). Always remember its a FREE education so make the most of it!

Here are my top tips:

1. Be early.

2. Shut up & Listen.

3. Its not about you.

4. NEVER get bored.

5. Don’t steal.

6. Be two steps ahead.

7. Be happy.

8. Be curious.

To understand these tips properly watch the video! 🙂

Sorry it took so long between posts! i’ve been working on Xfactor doing make-up and hair for Guy Sebastian and Chris Issak..its been awesome and SO busy!

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The man behind Marilyn Monroe’s iconic and all!

Alan “Whitey” Snyder met Marilyn Monroe on her first screen test, you would assume it went amazingly considering he went on to be her one and only make-up artist, but surprisingly their first interaction was far from perfect. This was her first film test, so Marliyn insisted that Whitey do the same thick make-up application that she was used to for photoshoots.

Being a make-up artist you learn that even though something may look awful, you just have to do what the talent wants and let what they look like speak for itself and that is exactly what happened.

When they arrived on set the cinematographer shouted “Whitey, what the hell have you got on that face? We can’t photograph her that way! Take this girl downstairs, wash the damn stuff off, do her face the way you know it ought to be and bring her back up!”.

When Marilyn realised that Whitey knew best and let him do his job she was very impressed with how he made her look, not only that but they became trusted friends. Together they created her make-up look that included these few things that you may not have previously known:

1. Shading (contouring) under her cheek bones, Jaw line and down her nose as well as at the tip of her nose to make it appear smaller, He used both dark contouring colour and a flush of coral blush on her temples, nose and cheeks to add a youthful blush.

2. He used a thick layer of Vaseline as her primer (not something that would be able to withstand High Definition Cameras and Modern Lighting) but this created her gorgeous glow.

3. Shading and highlighting the lips with five different shades of lipsticks and lip liners some to create the illusion of bigger lips, starting by over drawing her lip shape with a much darker liner then filling this in.

4. Once her lipstick was applied he would add white powder to the centre of the bottom lip, adding further to the illusion of bigger lips.

5. Highlighter was used on top of cheek bones and in the centre of her face next to her nose to create glow

6. He used white eyeshadow and highlighter all over her eyelids, especially highlighting the inner corner.

7. He lined her eyes with a white eyeliner to make them appear bigger

8. Contrary to popular belief her signature winged liner was a brown pencil not a black liquid, this gave her the winged look but in a more natural way.

9. He used half strip false lashes only on the outer of her eyes to enhance her signature elongated eye.

10. A line was drawn under her lower lash line and extended out then blended to appear as though there was a shadow from her upper lashes, this made her lashes appear bigger.

11.  And of course to finish it all off he drew on her beauty mark with a dark brown eye liner.

Due to Marilyn’s high anxiety and nervousness like all make-up artists that work closely with talent he would also look after her mental needs, often stalling for hours because she wasn’t ready to face the set and knowing how the industry works he would have been the one to take the blame for this.

He taught Marilyn how to do her own make-up, travelled the world with her and was one of her closest friends he promised her that he would do her make-up if she were to ever die, a promise that he later kept.

After doing her make-up for the final time at the mortuary, he was a pallbearer at the funeral and although this story has a somewhat sad ending it shows his undying loyalty to the very end..and that speaks volumes about what beautiful people they both were.

Pictured below is a before and after of Marilyn, Marilyn’s signature make-up look and of course Marilyn and Whitey together.

marilyn beaff1fae5ccc50f0029f4f827c577bff666hqdefaultfdd4e61f03539ba45c7c89b165918da4Marilyn-Monroe-Whitey-Snyder-1

P.s If you love Marilyn’s look check out my pin up tutorial here!


A woman who paved the way for female make-up artists everywhere..

So i ADORE old movies, one of my absolute favourites is Singin’ in the Rain. Naturally as a make-up artist i am alway curious as to who does the amazing make-up.

I’ve always seen William Tuttle’s name as make-up “creator” for singin’ in the rain but on further investigation i came across the name Dorothy (Dottie) Ponedel as the key (uncredited) make-up artist and her story was beyond inspirational..and i cannot believe i stumbled upon it by accident!

Dottie moved to L.A in 1920 where she became an extra in silent films, after years of acting Dot had been learning makeup whilst watching artists work on set. In 1930 the actress Nancy Carroll demands that she has Dot as her make-up artist for the film Follow Thru.

After this she is hired as a make-up artist for Paramount, Fox and Universal studios just to name a few. Although she was working as a make-up artist and usually the KEY make-up artist, she was often uncredited and worse not allowed to work without “the supervision of a male member of the make-up union” infuriating!!

Through the years she had applied to become a part of the make-up union with the support of many amazing actresses such as Mae West and Marlene Dietrich only to be denied, this did not deter her and she continued working.

In 1940 she was given a temporary permit to work without the supervision of a man, then in 1942 after many actresses threaten to boycott their movie sets she became the first female accepted into the make-up union and was the sole female member! the union by-laws said that “applicants to the make up artist craft must be male” until the 1960’s! so she definitely was ground breaking in that scenario!

She was responsible for Judy Garlands signature make-up look, not only that but she is known as the woman who fashioned the glamour girl look of the arched, pencil thin eyebrow and hollow-high cheek bones of the 1930’s, she singled handedly created the look of hollywood for the 1930’s and made sure the union’s recognised her as equal to men..what a huge inspiration to make-up artists everywhere!

Thank you Dottie for paving the way!!

Love Katy xxx

Here are some pictures of her and her amazing work!

tumblr_lfcwtmg5Wr1qatvp5o1_r1_500tumblr_lgd4onUQkz1qb5smvo1_400  Untitled-3 UntitledUntitled-1200px-Judy_Garland_in_Till_the_Clouds_Roll_By_1_cropped


Cat Eye with a twist! Party look!

Hey y’all..

I wore this fun make-up to a party the other day, i got such great feedback from my friends that i decided to recreate it for you.

If you’re not into blue you can use any colour you like! or even just a nude liner and rock the exaggerated cat eye alone 🙂 Let me know what you guys think of this look!


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Love Kt


4 Mistakes drying out your lips!!..with easy solutions!!

Hey guys!

SO its winter and your lips are dry, sore and red! but you have been using a ton of lip balm?! what more can you do??!

Here are the 4 mistakes i’ve seen most of my clients make..followed by SUPER easy solutions..Just in time for winter!

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My new favourite super cheap brand! Massive E.L.F review!

Hey Guys!

Although E.L.F has been in Australia for a little while, its relatively new here..I finally checked it out and i’m hooked! Products start from $3! So cheap that i bought a TON of i’ve reviewed them so you guys know which ones are worth trying..Let me know what you think by commenting on my youtube account 🙂

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