Quickest Halloween Costume Ever!!

Haaaaalllllooooooo there!

So i’ve been busy lately..costume shopping isn’t exactly a priority for me..

Its times like halloween i rely solely on special effects make-up, so i thought i would share with you this easy bullet wound make-up..so creepy people won’t even realise that’s all there is to your costume 😉

Stay spooky y’all


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Kylie Jenner Inspired Winter Look..perfect for pale skin tones too!

Hey y’all!!

I’m obsessed with #kyliejenner at the moment..her transformation has been legendary! there are thousands of tutorials for her look but this is my take on it, she is inspiring me so much at the moment how could i not!

I have adapted it slightly so pale skin tones can wear her look too! there are two lips options..one nude and one winter burgundy..let me know what you guys think of the look/kylie’s transformation is she inspiring to you guys as she is to me?

Chat soon!

Love Kt xxx

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Tips to be a GREAT assistant! you’ll get a free education in make-up and hair!

Hey guys,

Having assisted in make-up and hair for over three years then go on to have my own assistants, it gave me really good insight into what it takes to be a great assistant (it may be harder than you would expect). Always remember its a FREE education so make the most of it!

Here are my top tips:

1. Be early.

2. Shut up & Listen.

3. Its not about you.

4. NEVER get bored.

5. Don’t steal.

6. Be two steps ahead.

7. Be happy.

8. Be curious.

To understand these tips properly watch the video! 🙂

Sorry it took so long between posts! i’ve been working on Xfactor doing make-up and hair for Guy Sebastian and Chris Issak..its been awesome and SO busy!

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4 Mistakes drying out your lips!!..with easy solutions!!

Hey guys!

SO its winter and your lips are dry, sore and red! but you have been using a ton of lip balm?! what more can you do??!

Here are the 4 mistakes i’ve seen most of my clients make..followed by SUPER easy solutions..Just in time for winter!

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My new favourite super cheap brand! Massive E.L.F review!

Hey Guys!

Although E.L.F has been in Australia for a little while, its relatively new here..I finally checked it out and i’m hooked! Products start from $3! So cheap that i bought a TON of them..now i’ve reviewed them so you guys know which ones are worth trying..Let me know what you think by commenting on my youtube account 🙂

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