Make-up that guys hate!


Sometimes boys like to think we wake up perfect, never use the bathroom and always smell like flowers..and although none of this is true, i think this is where their dislike for certain types of make-up comes from..

Its not that guy’s hate make-up, its that good make-up should be undetectable..if make-up is really obvious guys can sometimes feel deceived by that..

Obviously this is a generalisation but this blog is about the guys that don’t like make-up and prefer a “natural” i am sharing with you the main things guys seem to have in common of what they dislike..

  1. Less is more, to much of any kind of make-up is enough to make a guy notice..for example a direct quote from a real life man “Too much blush… Clown face” Thanks Julien!
  2. Obvious and bright lipsticks, in saying this i did hear mixed feed back, a lot of guys seem to love these colours right up until the point of kissing the girl..although there would always be the catch “as long as she wears it with confidence” ugh.
  3. Sticky lip gloss, again its all about them..boys don’t want lip gloss on their lips, cheeks or necks 😉
  4. Not to matte, translation..if a girl wears to much powder with none of natural skin shining though its a dead make-up give away.
  5. Neck a different colour to your body..well its not only men that hate this look, finding a foundation shade to match you perfectly can be tricky, always check your foundation in SUPER natural light!
  6. Glitter because what could be more fake looking, plus it gets everywhere..but. but. it’s so fun!
  7. “When girls face’s look like their face is melting”..another direct quote from a much foundation that has not been set with a light powder..tip: if you’re going somewhere hot and you know you’ll sweat take blotting paper to avoid looking greasy.
  8. Contouring or as i read one guys explanation of it ‘two brown/orange stripes,on the sides of the face’ if contouring is done badly (which is easy to do) then it can be one of the most obvious types of hate worthy make-up.

Those examples are why guys hate make-up that the girl is wearing..but even if he does love your makeup..and by love i mean not notice and just thinks you’re really pretty..he may dislike in these other ways..

  1. It stains his sheets and clothes (this goes for fake tan too!)
  2. They feel like they are being mislead if a girl looks dramatically different without make-up on
  3. The time it takes a girl to apply make-up may cause them to be late/bored
  4. If you share finances they can be frustrated at the amount of money it costs.

I don’t believe you should ever change make-up you love for a man..but thought this may give y’all a little perspective..

Check out my video below to see top tips for make-up that guys actually like!

Love Katy xxx

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