Make-up heaven a.k.a my favourite makeup store.

My favourite makeup store is Pm Studio, I didn’t hear about this place until I had been in the makeup industry for a while so I had to share! Pm studio is like heaven to me.

It only stocks the highest quality make-up brands and most are not available anywhere else in Australia.

Their staff is so lovely (yes lovely! Not bitching or snobby like some make-up stores) they are so passionate and involved, they only use brands they 100% believe in. They personally test and try everything they sell and their product knowledge is phenomenal, so much care and thought goes into every single detail. This leads to an amazing range of brands.

The best part is that it’s all different brands so they can show you the best products without being’s such a cool space as well!

It’s the closest thing to Sephora we have in Australia so if you live in sydney I strongly suggest you check it out (if you are a makeup artist they offer a 30% discount) if you are not local then visit their website.. 🙂 xx