An interview with Stephen Moleski Hollywood make-up artist to the stars.

Stephen Moleski is one of my favourite make-up artists, I came across him when I was curious about how Kim Kardashian acheived her iconic make-up look. I found a video Stephen had done. It was a step by step tutorial with a bare faced Kim (video below) not only did he start from absolute scratch but he showed exactly what products he used and was so incredibly generous with his information and so so talented.

Considering Stephen is based in L.A the thought of meeting him had never crossed my mind. I began working on the second season of xfactor doing makeup, I heard through the grapevine that Mel. B (scary spice) was having her own make-up person coming from L.A.

I showed up for work as usual and walked past the judges make-up room. You would never believe my surprise when I saw Stephen Moleski..I almost died. He was just as lovely and generous in real life and now I am lucky enough to be able to interview him just for you guys 🙂

What are the top products you couldn’t work without?

Products I have to have are Beauty Blenders and my lashes ( and YSL powders.

Your lash line is so amazing, you even designed some especially for Kim Kardashian. She’s one lucky girl (lashes pictured below). Who was your mentor?

Kevyn aucoin, he was my inspiration from the day I met him!

You are so lucky to have met him! What is your favourite job you have ever done?

Doing what I love, making women feel amazing!

So every job is your favourite job because you make women feel beautiful?


Aww that’s awesome. What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

I fell into makeup artistry by luck, but I studied art as my major for 18 years before that.

Any advice to the everyday girl for her makeup application?

Keep it simple and use sunscreen always!

That great advice, especially for girls in Australia! Thanks for your time 🙂

Smokey Eye Tutorial with Kim Kardashian