I LOVE lip stains!

For a girl that loves lip colour but also does everything under the sun that ruins a perfect lip stick. Lip stains are the perfect solution. From the soft subtle pinks to the deep burgundy. They are all great and can also double as a cheek stain (must be worked in very quickly before drying).

The advantages of lip stains:

– You can do one coat for a natural colour or many to make the colour more intense.
– Unlike lip stick you can apply a balm over stains for moisture without compromising colour.
– It lasts hours! Even through eating drinking and kissing 😉 obviously it will need the odd touch up but you definitely won’t have it smeared on your face, it will just fade naturally.

Vampire’s Love by Essence Cosmetics

I am obsessed with this lip stain in No.1 at the moment. It’s a deep plum, 90’s grunge colour (best worn with platform sneakers and high pigtails 😉 ) and it tastes like mulberries! So so cute! It was a limited edition but! Can be found if you buy online.

Posietint by Benefit Cosmetics

Posietint is a petal-pink stain that is so cute for both cheeks and lips. Its smudge-proof, and perfect for when you don’t want to worry about wearing to much makeup but just want a pretty touch of colour.

Rouge Pur Couture – Vernis a Levres (Glossy Stain) by Yves Saint Laurent

This lip product is not technically a lip stain it’s a glossy stain (I just had to squeeze it in somewhere because it’s my fav, especially number 17!). So it essentially goes on with the look of a coloured lip gloss, but! it also combines a stain so once the gloss has worn off there is still colour!

I have also complimented a few girls on their lip colour, to have them say that it’s the Revlon lip stains. The red has stood out to me on two separate girls. I have yet to try it but will soon (just thought I’d mention it because it’s easy to come by and looks so pretty).