An easy way to maintain coloured hair!

I have had pretty much every hair colour in the rainbow and if you are a frequent hair washer like me, this can mean it fades pretty quickly. It can get pretty expensive going to the hair dresser just for a touch up.

So the way I maintained mine is with these simple steps:

-Shampoo hair (do not condition, this means the hair cuticles stay open.) after this I prefer to dry the hair off that way when you put the colour mixture on it’s not diluted by the water in your hair, totally up to you though!

-Put Vaseline all around your hairline including the neck to ensure no colour will stain the skin.

-Get a coloured dye the same colour as your hair dresser uses. (I will list my favourite colours underneath) if you don’t know which colour they use exactly, then just one that looks really similar to your colour.

-Mix this colour and your conditioner in a hair dye mixing bowl with a hair dye brush (available at Priceline and pictured below) you can make the colour stronger by changing the ratio of colour to conditioner, so if it’s your first time trying this maybe do 60% conditioner and 40% colour.

-Put latex gloves on and apply this mixture with the hair dye brush to the part of your hair that needs brightening. Make sure to section the hair piece by piece and smoosh the mixture into you hair massaging it in with your hands.

– Leave in for at least 30 minutes.

– Rinse in shower till water goes clear, keep head back in shower to avoid the dye running down your body. Condition your hair then dry and voila!

The three main types of dye I have used are Fudge Paintbox, Crazy Colour and Manic Panic. My favourite is crazy colour, especially the lavender colour because it fades so nicely. Here are some pictures..just google to find distributors or to buy online 🙂