Why is it SO important to remove makeup?!

Removing makeup is so incredibly important, and is actually a lot harder to do than most people expect. Even I am shocked at what lasts, I often try foundations on the back of my hand then proceed to test different cleansers to see if they remove it and it will always leave a decent amount, even when cleansing twice.

The reason why it is so important is our skin is covered in pores, this is where sweat comes out but also where we secrete sebum (a waxy liquid that helps protect and keep our skin moist) when it is secreted it pushes out irritants from the pores. When makeup is left on it inhibits this process by clogging the pores, sebum builds up behind it and this can create pimples. Leaving eye makeup on can also cause irritation, allergic reaction and even infections.

So! This is what I recommend to remove makeup properly. I say “properly” because using strong astringents or soaps that are not ph balanced can strip the skin of its natural oils, this cause the skin to produce more oil and therefore break out..yikes!

-Wet face with tepid water (not hot or cold this can cause unnecessary irritation)
– Rub a small amount of “CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser” by Paula’s Choice between your hands then GENTLY in circular motions on the face.
– Wet “Select mircofibre face washer” ( available at woolworths) and gently rub on face in circular motion making sure to get right up into the hair line.
– Repeat step 2.
– Apply a small amount of “Skin Balancing Invisible Finishing Moisture Gel” by Paula’s Choice to finish.

Paula’s Choice is by far my favourite skin care, I will do a post on Paula Begoun soon. Also the “Woolworths Select face washers” are the best investment I have ever made, $1.99 for two! They are mircofibre and will take off every last bit of makeup without over scrubbing and even if you don’t have cleanser they remove it. Of course I think it’s more effective to use cleanser just to be sure. The first wash is to break down the makeup, the second (after using the washcloth) is just to make sure the pores are free of any dirt or oil. If you have problem skin this routine if done morning and night will most likely help a lot. As well as making sure you regularly change your pillow case because dirt and bacteria can grow on them.




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