The down low on Makeup brushes.

It doesn’t matter if you have make-up that is worth a million bucks, if you have the wrong tools (fingers are the wrong tools) it’s worthless.
In fact it can greatly improve the look of cheaper cosmetics, I guess you could compare using bad quality makeup brushes with using your feet to write instead of your can do it but it will look terrible 😉

So! There are two types of brushes; synthetic and natural hair (usually squirrel but can be found cruelty free I will explain below). But what’s the difference? I shall explain below.

Synthetic brushes work better for creams such as:

– Concealers
– Lip products
– Foundation
– Cream blushes

Natural brushes work better for powders such as:

– Face powder
– Eyeshadows
– Powder blush
– Bronzer

Having said that I have favourite brands of brushes in both synthetic and natural they are “Real Techniques” (synthetic) and Rae Morris makeup brushes (natural hair).

“Real Techniques” brushes are amazing! They are completely synthetic and cruelty free. These brushes are unique for synthetic brushes in that they can be used with confidence with both creams and powders. They are extremely high quality and so cheap! Total must have!

Rae Morris makeup brushes are my favourite natural brushes not only are they beautiful quality but they are also PETA approved. The natural hair is from long hair squirrels who instead of being killed for their fur are shawn like sheep in the summer time. Not only that but Rae is one of Australia’s top makeup artists, so when it comes to designing brushes she is a true expert.

Here are some pics of my favourite brushes within these lines 🙂