Make your eyes pop!

When doing eye make-up there are two types of colour ranges you can go for, either complimentary or contrasting I’ve always tended to go for the contrasting colours because I love the way those types of colours make the eye pop.

The easiest way to understand contrasting colours is to look at the colour wheel (pictured below) select your eye colour and look at the colour directly opposite it and those are the kind of colours you use to contrast.

For example: Blues eyes are contrasted by orange eye shadow. Now when it comes to the colours this advice isn’t completely literal, I would not suggest bright orange eye shadow for an every day look ( but hey if you want to wear orange eye shadow go for it 😉 ) what I suggest is a shadow with orange under tone such as bronze orange gold tones and warm browns. I’ve made an image with eye colours and pigments next to them so you can see the types of colours that would contrast you eye colour.