Guide to bold and bright lipsticks.

From the super cheap to the mildly pricey (yet totally within a small budget) these are my favourite bright lipstick brands in order of price.

– BYS approx $3.95
– Sports girl (Pout About It) approx $9.95
– Chi chi approx $18.95
– Lime crime approx $20.50

These brands are really high in pigment for their cost (the higher the pigment the stronger the colour) these lipsticks come in a range of different textures such as cream, glossy cream and matte. The main difference for me in say BYS and Lime Crime is that the Lime Crime lipsticks actually have a pleasant scent and taste on the lips whereas the BYS don’t, it’s not a big deal because the colours can look very similar but it’s the little things (like the amazing lime crime unicorn sparkly packaging) that count.

I find the matte textured lipsticks to be a bit more fashionable but it can seem a little dry if you are used to using glosses..on that note always make sure you have applied a good lip treatment before using matte lip sticks and remove just before applying. Starting with a creamy lipstick when going bright is a good start and work your way up to a matte.

It’s always good to fill I your whole lip blot with a tissue and re apply..this will make the colour super intense and last longer. If you are going out with these lips then take a little compact mirror, the lipstick and a concealer just so you can touch up around your lips to keep the lines defined.