Favorite affordable brand.

It’s…Essence Cosmetics!

I found this brand about three years ago whilst playing with makeup in Target (something that I do way to regularly) it looks like a brand aimed at children/teens but don’t let this fool you! Some of their products are my preferred over “luxury brands” that can be up to ten times the price.

You do need to be careful with which products you use though because the skin tones of the foundations and powders are a little on the red side, so sticking with translucent powders, eye products and nails polishes are your best bet.

Their mascaras are awesome, my personal favourite is “I love extreme” mascara. I use this on myself and in my kit. Mascaras have a expiry date of three months and can dry up as quickly as two weeks, so if you are going to splurge it’s better to go with something that will last such as a good quality makeup brush (I will do a brush post soon).

My favourite part about Essence is the limited edition lines that they frequently bring out, they have had everything from the official Twilight collection to the Snow White nail collection and coming out soon the official Justin Bieber tour 2013 collection (hilarious I know). I love these collections because they are usually in fun colours or glitter and you can afford to have a play without wasting a ton of money. The collections can change depending on what store you visit Priceline stocks essence as well and usually they have different ones at the same time 🙂 xxx